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About Lovely Lashes

Without speaking a word, we communicate every day with our eyes through direct eye contact, and it has been said that the eyes are also the windows into the soul. So a person’s eyes should be their signature feature. At Lovely Lashes we tenderly transform each pair of lashes, framing the eyes with the highest quality luxe silk eyelash extensions to make you feel and look unstoppable.

From the moment you walk into the Lovely Lashes studio you will feel instantly transformed. We have designed our space to give you approximately one hour of pure relaxation, this time is about you to unwind as your Lash Angel lovingly sets every lash into place.

At Lovely Lashes we personalise each lash set to your individual look. You can choose from Classic Extensions, Volume Extensions or a Lovely Lash Lift. Or ask your Lash Angel which option would best suit your complexion and face shape. You will enjoy a complimentary hydrogel eye treatment during your visit, as well as have your lashes set instantly with our new i-mister, the latest in lash technology which allows you to continue your everyday routine without having to wait for your lashes to cure. No matter which option you choose, you are guaranteed a relaxing, pampering experience with lasting results.

With Lovely Lashes extensions you’ll no longer be spending monotonous hours on fiddly strip lashes and glue, no more cursing at your curler or battling clumpy mascara, and no more combating panda eyes from rubbing and flaking mascara. People will notice something different about you, but they may never know your secret unless you want to share it.

Take time out for you, and wake up every morning feeling refreshed and ready to conquer the world. Book an appointment today >>

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