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About Lovely Lashes

Lovely Lashes was created by Master Lash Artist Tanya Young, who started lashing as a hobby after falling in love with the art. Tanya and her team of qualified Lash Angels have built Lovely Lashes on the foundations of a high quality product and exceptional service, which has seen Lovely Lashes grow from strength to strength.

Lovely Lashes utilises the best and latest lash technology and training available, with one feature being the iMister®. This technology allows lashes to be set instantly, without having to wait to shower, swim or go to the gym. Lovely Lashes also uses only the highest quality silk lash extensions. The silk fiber is light and flexible and cruelty free.

You may have noticed a number of high profile clients fluttering their lashes such as Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Beyoncé and Katy Perry to name a few.

Tanya and her team of Lash Angels are passionate advocates for change, supporting a number of charities including Forget Me Not, Give Me 5 for Kids and Wishlist.

In addition to her charity work, Tanya launched the Face of Lovely Lashes regional competitions. These competitions allow local women to enter and vote for their favourite ‘lashettes’ who are given the opportunity of sponsorship and exposure.

Following on from the success of Lovely Lashes, Tanya wanted to empower other women to achieve their dreams, which was the creation of Lash Angel Training. Through this training, Tanya personally teaches her lash application techniques and mentors other women to launch their own lashing businesses.

Tanya is also a passionate ambassador for Sunshine Coast Audi and Hunts Fitness.

Lovely Lashes
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