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Become a Lash Angel

One of the best times to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the second best time is now! – Chinese proverb.Let me introduce your new career and business  through our new training packages  and help you get your start in the lash world!

What is your year looking like for you?
•What are your goals?
•What are you afraid of?
•Visualize, what does your life look like in one year?
•How much income do you want to be making?
•Where will you be at Xmas?
•Are you prepared to take the first step ,to make it work?
•Do you have the marketing skills to get to where you want to be?
•Do you have the knowledge of business skills required to succeed?

What other questions are sitting in the back of your mind that you are scared to answer? Let us assist you in creating your dream business, and making 2018 the best year ever.


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About Lovely Lashes Lash Angel Academy
Lovely Lashes is an Award Winning Lash Academy and Supplier of Luxury Eyelash Professional Supplies. Founded by Tanya Young who is a master lash artist, with over 400 loyal clients in the Fraser Coast and rapidly expanding surrounding areas, Tanya’s success in the lash industry has come from her passion for creating innovative techniques and breakthrough methods in the lash industry. In Tanya’s years of lashing she has: Founded a luxurious lash studio, been featured in Newspapers as a top lash artist, and with exceptional customer service and outstanding business owner, she is well recognized as an industry leader. Tanya founded Lovely Lashes studio and after much demand has developed Lovely Lashes Lash Angel Academy and Lovely Lashes Lash Supplies to help elevate the lash industry – her once “top secret” techniques that have made her so successful in the lash industry and are now available for you to learn and master so you can join in the success that great Lash Artistry brings.

Become a Lash Angel today.
Lash Angel Academy by Lovely Lashes teaches the very best techniques and the company signature styles of lash artistry. Our classes are taught by Tanya and hand-selected and trained Lash Artists with
unparalleled skill and professionalism. Our educational team is extremely small as we want all of our courses taught by true industry leaders to ensure students are being instructed by true masters.
Lovely Lashes eyelash extension techniques are unique, ground-breaking, and truly breathtaking. We have unique techniques on: Shaping formulations for every eye type for perfect styling on every client, Signature texturizing method to build fullness and fluffiness into each lash set, and mixing styles within lash extension sets. Create the most beautiful, full, stunning Lovely Lashes eyelash extension sets that keep eye and lash health as the TOP priority.
Why choose Lovely Lash Angel Academy?
You will have access to the talent and experience of the founder of Lovely Lashes. Your class size will be small to ensure you receive purposeful feedback and one on one time with your instructor in the class (1 instructor to a maximum of 8 students) training program which has far surpassed industry standards You will receive in-depth training that covers all aspects of design and application, introducing you to the Lovely Lashes lash anatomy framework and terminology. You will see lashes in a whole new way after our course.
You will be taught Lovely Lashes unique lash artistry methods that optimize fullness and beauty, and stress the importance of lash health, you will be taught how to market your eyelash extension business and more!
You will receive on-going support. Becoming a professional Eyelash Artist takes practice and someone to guide you to excellence, every step of the way. Lovely Lashes ongoing support and training is outstanding.
You will be given the opportunity to watch Lovely Lashes lash master trainers at work, with a full commentary, as lashes are perfected right before your eyes. You will develop the ability to recognize the extraordinary potential in every set of eyelashes and then to systematically create their dream lashes! You will tap into your creative side by envisioning and creating lovely lashes for each client. You will be sought after for your lash skills that are unparalleled by competitors.
You will not be “locked in” to using our product exclusively or risk being “decertified”
like some companies do. We believe in your freedom as a Lash Artist to train and continue your lash education, experiment with other lash products, and create your own signature style of lashing. Beware of companies who lock you into minimum monthly purchases to be “certified”, or who revoke certification if you take another
lash courses!
What are you waiting for, it’s time to take your training to the next level! Start creating your successful lash business today before others beat you too it!