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Which lash is right for me?

1D Classic, 3D Lush, and 6D Volume – which is right for me?

I get asked this question all the time at Lovely Lashes® so here’s some information on my lash menu. It’s great that my clients are now able to choose the volume they would like for their lashes!

With traditional lashes, I could only safely attach one thicker extension to each of your natural lashes – so the fuller that your natural lashes are, the fuller the extensions. While that’s still somewhat true (the more natural lashes you have the more extensions we can apply) my new 3D and 6D Volume sets now give even lash challenged clients the option for volume they have never had before!

So how does volume work?

Classic lash extensions (1D): Create a full, natural lash look with silk lash extensions attached lovingly one-by-one to each of your natural lashes. This treatment takes approximately one hour and is a more natural looking finish suitable for day-to-day wear.

VOLUME extensions (3D-6D): Volume lashes are perfect for those who desire a more dramatic look or those that have very few or very fine natural lashes. Volume extensions are achieved by applying up to 6 feather-light silk extensions to each natural lash, resulting in an extra-full lash line.

So which set is right for you?

3D Lush extensions would be my universal best choice for those with both great natural lashes, and those with sparse natural lashes.

Sparse natural lashes: a very sparse set of natural lashes would be considered around 50 lashes per eye. With traditional lash extensions, that would mean you would also get around 50 extensions per eye (minus the natural lashes that are too weak/just growing in that we can’t extend). With 3D extensions, lash-challenged clients with 50 lashes per eye, can now have around 150 lashes per eye! By using thinner extensions we are able to put 3 super light extensions to each lash! The result? Fluffy, soft extensions that are full and yes easy wearing!

3D extensions will also be easier to maintain than classic single extensions as the weight is distributed differently, and you will have more lashes to spare between fills… so as they shed, you won’t notice the extensions thinning nearly as much!

Full natural lashes: If you’re a client with full natural lashes (100-130 lashes per eye), 3D Lush extensions are the choice, you will fall absolutely in love with this new lashing method. Instead of 100-130 extensions per eye before, with 3D you are going to have over 300+ fluffy, rich extensions per eye! Can you say va-voom?