Policies & Procedures

Enrolling in Training
Student selection is done in accordance with our Access & Equity Policy that requires adherence to non discriminatory practices in all aspects of the services. Students may enrol online or request an enrolment form from Administration.
It is important that students read and understand their rights before they sign their enrolment form. This information is an abridged version of Business policies and procedures.
Current Fees and Charges
Fees applicable for 2 days Training are provided to student prior to enrolment either verbally or in the relevant course marketing material.
Additional fees and charges

  • Re-issue of achievement: $50.
  • Re-enrolment due to inability to attend or meet full competency – full training fee.

By signing the enrolment form application the student is agreeing to pay for the full amount of the course.
Certificates of Achievement will not be issued to students until full payment for Training has been received.
The following methods of payment of fees are accepted:

  • EFT or Direct Bank Deposit to Bank account. Details are available on the enrolment form.

Receipts are issued to the payee to acknowledge payment of fees. Invoices for tax purposes are available on request and details should be completed on the enrolment form as directed.
This Business has developed a fair and equitable approach to refunds as follows:

  1. 1)     Where the Trainer cancels a course, students will be notified in writing and given the option of a full refund or credit towards another course.
  2. 2)     Where the student fails to attend and they or their sponsor fail to provide notice of their intention not to attend, full course fees will be charged.
  3. 3)     Where a student advises their intention to cancel after course commencement, full course fees will be charged.
  4. 4)     Where non-attendance is advised and subsequently deemed by our Business as beyond the participant’s reasonable
    control, a full refund of fees or credit for future course attendance will be given.

Applications for refund need to be in submitted by the student in writing to:
Lovely Lashes
Mail: 7 Wilton Close Hervey Bay QLD 4655
Students will be informed by email about refund decisions and fee refunds will be made by direct bank deposit to the original payee within 14 days of approval.
Students will not be entitled to a refund if:

  • they do not complete the required assessment activities
  • they fail to attend a scheduled class, they move residences or they change their mind.
  • they fail to reach competency after two attempts.

Our Commitment
Lovely lashes is committed to ensuring that each enrolled student receives a quality training experience in the real or simulated work environment with appropriate resources and the support they require to reach their study objectives in a realistic timeframe. 8
Special Assistance
Students need to discuss the need for special assistance including Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) support.
Code of Conduct
The Business promotes goodwill, respect and mutual cooperation between and among its staff and students. This includes respect for the rights of others to learn and participate in the learning process.