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The Hidden Cost of Bargain Lash Extensions

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Variety! It’s the essence of life, and what makes finding the ultimate beauty provider so much fun. When it comes to lash services, there are a wide variety of options to choose from.

Some providers will do lashes as their only service, while others have it as an option with many other services they perform on a regular basis. Some lash providers apply 75-150 lashes per eye in their full sets, while other’s have their standard set at 25-35 lashes per eye. Some lash providers offer only individual lash extensions, while others cut time with “cluster” or tab lashes. Some lash providers isolate each natural lash to perform clean bonds, while others “drop” lash extensions onto natural lashes to cut time and effort.

With so many options, of course the price of these lash extensions will vary! Sometimes, bargain lash extensions seem appealing, especially to someone on a tight budget. With bargain lashes however, there are always hidden “costs” a client will pay that often outweigh saving a few dollars.

So what do you pay with, when you’re not forking out big bucks for premium lash extensions?

1. Follicle Health All lash extensions need to be applied to individual natural lashes. This means each follicle and hair in the lash line can grow and shed as it normally would without lash extensions. Natural lashes are at different points in their lash cycle at the time of extension. This means, new growth is growing at a rapid rate, while other mature lashes are in their “resting phase”. When lash extensions are applied to multiple natural lashes – the natural lash that is growing most rapidly will PULL on the other natural lashes it is adhered to. This stresses that follicle leading to thinning of the natural lash, and eventually (although usually semi-permanent) cause that follicle to stop producing an eyelash altogether.

Also important to note is that lash extensions cant cause damage to natural lashes when applied correctly and natural lashes are isolated. Inappropriate lash lengths and/or diameters can pull natural lashes out prematurely. When a lash is lost prematurely it will take time for the follicle to produce another hair, which can cause unsightly gaps in the lash line. A properly trained lash technician will understand the appropriate diameter and length that your natural lashes can handle.

2. Lash Hygiene Cluster/Flare/Tab lash extensions are not the same thing as individual lash extensions. As stated above, isolation is integral to follicle health, but the health and hygiene of your eye area (lashes, eyelids, eyeballs, and surrounding area) is equally important. Cluster lash extensions are “knots” of individual lash extensions that come pre-bonded and are often placed to lie overtop of existing natural lashes. Because the bases of these “clusters” are so wide, when they are dipped in adhesive they carry a lot of excess adhesive which is then transferred onto your lashes causing a “band” of hard, solid adhesive once cured. When a client cannot brush through their lash extensions, then they can also be sure that their cleanser cannot get to the places it needs to in order to cleanse the eye area properly.

Lash extensions add 100-500% surface area onto the eyelash area. Lashes natural function is to protect our eye from debris, and allergens, and liquids. It is so much MORE important and necessary to wash your lashes regularly with lash extensions on – think about how much more space bacteria has to breed on with all the added volume! Think of how much more allergens will be trapped near your eye area making your allergies worse when there is DOUBLE (at a minimum) the area for dander/pollen etc. to get trapped in? Washing is essential, and washing should be done of the lashes (on, in-between and through), and also right down to the eyelid (where the base of the natural lashes grow). With cluster/tab extensions it is impossible to get through the lash extensions to cleanse them properly as they are a large “clump”. This is where bacterial infections can happen, as well as other issues like sty’s, pink eye, and blepharitis.

3. More Maintenance Fees When lash extensions are inexpensive be sure to question how many lashes per eye are applied in their full sets. A $50 full set doesn’t always mean the lash extension are improperly applied but chances are they will often only be 35-40 lashes per eye, while a $130 full set will be closer to 125 lashes per eye.

4. Your Dream Lash Style Quick lash applications will rarely have an in-depth consultation where proper lash styling will be achieved. True lash artists will take into account your natural eye shape, your eyelids, and the set of the eyes (wide set, narrow set, etc). Lash extensions are not a “one style fits all” service and should be customized to compliment your unique set of eyes! Bargain lash providers often do a blend of 2 lash lengths (shorter on the inner eye and the longer length across the rest of the eye), whereas top tier lash stylists mix 4-6 lash extension lengths, to suit you and your desired lash look. The correct styling looks fluffy, full, and actually fixes flaws.

5. Your Comfort When lash extensions are done properly, with isolation and using appropriate lash lengths and diameters for your natural lashes, they will be absolutely sensation-free. They don’t feel heavy, there is no “pulling” or “itching” sensation – and you will not get “sore” spots along your lash line. Expertly applied lash extensions will look full, flawless, and natural looking (no matter if you’re going for a dramatic set or ultra-natural). When applied to compliment your natural lashes, your lash extensions will make everyone stare in the best possible way. Keep your friends guessing about why you look so great (with high quality extensions)

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