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Training Payments

Have you signed up to undertake Lash Angel Training with Tanya Young? Please make your payment below by selecting one of the options provided. Most options you will notice either a pay in full or payment plan option. Please note that the payment plan option has a deposit amount and a fortnightly amount until you reach the full payment. Once you have fully paid you will then be able to book in a training date with Tanya.

Lash Lift Training – $495 + GST
Learn from the Master Lash Artist Tanya Young and perfect the Lovely Lashes Lash Lifting technique to define and curl natural lashes from the root.

This is a great skill to learn in order to provide for clients who may want a subtle eye enhancement without extensions. You can achieve beautiful, natural looking results for your clients with the effects lasting for 6-8 weeks for most lash types. In this training you will learn, among other techniques, how to create different curl effects using different sized silicone pads to achieve the look your client desires.



Standard Lash Training (1D Lashes) – $2,000 + GST
The ultimate way to learn the 1D Lovely Lashes technique is in a face-to-face teaching environment with Master Lash Artist Tanya Young. You’ll have the opportunity to ask all the questions you want, watch the Master in action and learn at your own pace.

Your training begins with online videos and modules, continues with you spending two days with Tanya to watch, practice and ask questions, and training then ends with you putting your training into practice on your own live model… your first client! Don’t worry; Tanya will be with you every step of the way as you apply your first full set of luxurious silk semi-permanent lash extensions. With Tanya guiding you, you will complete your training feeling completely confident to deliver a quality lash service for every client you see.

Tanya goes above and beyond in her face-to-face training sessions as she simply loves to share her skills and insights and will give you a wealth of information and practical techniques to help you master lash applications as well as running a successful home-based lash salon.



Volume Lash Advanced Training (3D and 6D Lashes) – $2,000 + GST
For the Lash Angels who’ve completed the 1D standard lash training and want to take it a step further… learn how to create VOLUME lashes for your clients and achieve a more dramatic, show-stopping look.

Volume lash training will take your skills and services to the next level. By delicately applying up to 6 super-fine silk extensions to each natural eyelash you can achieve a thicker, more dramatic look for your clients, or help those who have particularly fine natural lashes to achieve volume like they’ve never known.



Premium Lash Training Package – $4,495 + GST

This package incorporates the Standard Lash Training (1D), the Volume Lash Advanced Training (3D and 6D) and Lash Lift Training in a great value bundle with bonus gifts!

This is the perfect package if you’re looking at opening your own salon and want to offer a range of services to your clients from the get go. Not only do you learn a complete suite of skills but when you purchase this package you also receive a bonus iMister for curing lashes and a $150 stock voucher.

Master Lash Artist and Lovely Lashes founder Tanya Young will personally train you on standard lash extensions, and once you’ve perfected the skill through approx. 2 months of practice, you’ll then complete the advanced volume lash training 2-day intensive course. Tanya will show you first-hand how each of the lash treatments are performed and will guide you as you practice on your own live models to practice and perfect the skills.

Upon completion of the premium lash-training package you’ll be fully skilled and equipped to offer a full range of lash treatments from your own home-based business.



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